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Advanced IPL Laser

Hair Removal Experts

Professional aesthetic facial & body treatments.
Knightsbridge, London

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Advanced IPL Laser

Hair Removal Experts

Professional aesthetic facial & body treatments.
Knightsbridge, London

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Advanced IPL Laser Hair Removal Experts

Professional aesthetic facial & body treatments. Knightsbridge, London

A premier London location: Our state-of-the-art clinics are situated on the prestigious Brompton Road, London (see map), which is just a short walk from Harrods in Knightsbridge. We are also convenient for Kensington and Chelsea.

Technically Advanced Beauty & Cosmetic Treatments at the Knightsbridge Laser Clinic

The Knightsbridge Laser Clinic (London) has a reputation and years of experience you can trust. We offer the most comprehensive menu of medical, aesthetic, surgical and specialist beauty treatments in our clinics. We are equipped with the most advanced Ellipse IPL and Laser systems, which have proven time-and-again to be fast, effective, non-invasive and comfortable when treating unwanted hair or skin problems.

IPL Laser in Action…

Meet Dr. Salinda Johnson…bnr-dr-johnson-01

Dr. Salinda Johnson is well-respected, highly experienced and is one of the UK’s leading specialist aesthetic doctors. She has been a lecturer and trainer in aesthetic medicine for many years and regularly trains doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners on a range of medical aesthetic procedures with an emphasis on best practice and optimum treatment results. She has also been invited to write articles for various aesthetic industry magazines and has been interviewed for other publications such as The Times and Marie Claire… Read more?


Meet Dr. Ame Ng….

Screenshot_2015-11-12-08-37-20With over 8 years of experience, Dr Ng is highly specialised in medical aesthetic treatments for facial and body rejuvenation. Dr Ng dedicates her work exclusively in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. With her extensive knowledge and unique skills in aesthetic treatments, she offers a wide range of highly effective aesthetic procedures to help her patients to achieve their desired results to the highest of standards. Dr Ng is always looking out for evidence-based treatments to enable her to treat patients with the latest and safest aesthetic procedures.

‘’ My approach is first to understand the concerns and needs of my patients and then offering individual treatments to restore, improve and maintain natural beauty, safely and effectively, making true positive impact on their lives.’’ – Dr Ng


Meet Mieke Morgan, IPL Specialist / Aesthetic Therapist


Mieke completed her Tertiary Education, with Honors in 2005. Upon completing this she decided to focus her advanced research on the aging skin. Due to the vast amount of treatments available for the skin, Mieke started to delve into the medical side of the Health and Skincare industry focusing on surgical and minor surgical cosmetic treatments, Skin Peels, Micro-pigmentation and Lasers/ SWTs.Mieke started working with the Ellipse Laser/SWT Systems in 2008. Her knowledge on the Laser/SWT machines is vast as she has experience in training, sales and demos.

Mieke continues to deliver a variety of treatments for both male and female patients as the only external and independent Senior Aesthetic skincare and Laser/SWT Specialist for the company.

 “In all my experiences and situations I have been encouraged to develop leadership, management and team work skills. I’ve learnt the meaning of discipline and determination, and strive to be professional whilst approachable. I’m conscious of the well-being of my patients and believe in delivering a high standard of service. For this reason my efforts are always neatly presented and timeously submitted.” – Mieke Morgan


Our Clinic is a Centre of Excellence

The Knightsbridge Laser Clinic is recognised as a centre of excellence. We are an approved and fully trained Ellipse IPL Partner (UK).
We pride ourselves on a team of leading Medical Aestheticians, Doctors and Dermatologists who offer the most technically advanced IPL treatments in London, including: Laser/IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation (sun damage pigmentation removal), anti-ageing injectables, facial thread veins, acne and pigmentation clearance and many other skin-care and cosmetic procedures.

Our team of dedicated experts are highly experienced within the cosmetic, beauty and skin care industry and ensure to offer you an exceptional experience. We take training and your safety very seriously. Our friendly staff will always provide you with all the information and advice you require to make an informed decision about any of our treatments. We will also guide you through the whole procedure from the initial consultation, to your treatment and your after-care.


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