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Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Leg Vein Treatment.

Spider leg veins are small, damaged capillaries that are situated closer to the surface of the skin. Often, they are red or blue in colour and take on the appearance of tree branches or spider webs with their short, jagged lines. They can be found on the legs and face and can cover either a very small or very large area of skin. Most spider veins appear in the legs due to the pressure of body weight, force of gravity, and task of carrying blood from the bottom of the body up to the heart. Compared with other veins in the body, leg veins have the toughest job of carrying blood back to the heart. They endure the most pressure. This pressure can be stronger than the one-way valves in the veins. If the valves become weak, blood can leak back into the veins and collect there causing spider veins on the leg.Causes of Leg veins:

A number of factors predispose a person to spider/thread leg veins. These include:

  • Increasing age. As you get older, the valves in your veins may weaken and not work as well.
  • Heredity. Being born with weak vein valves increases your risk. Having family members with vein problems also increases your risk.
  • Occupations that involve a lot of standing.
  • Obesity. Being overweight or obese can put extra pressure on your veins. This can lead to varicose veins.
  • Trauma or injury to the skin
  • Hormonal influences. These occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Taking birth control pills and other medicines containing estrogen and progesterone also may contribute to the forming of varicose or spider veins.
  • Over exposure to ultraviolet rays. This can cause spider veins on the cheeks or nose of a fair-skinned person.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is a huge increase in the amount of blood in the body. This can cause veins to enlarge. The growing uterus also puts pressure on the veins. Varicose veins usually improve within 3 months after delivery. More spider veins usually appear with each additional pregnancy.
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations. This causes the veins to over expand and contract causing damage to the wall of the vein.
  • A history of blood clots

How to prevent Leg veins:

  • Compressing the legs boost the blood flow back up to the heart, reducing blood pressure in the legs which cuts your risk of thread veins
  • Elevating the legs for a few minutes a day, assists in the back flow of the blood to the heart, relieving pressure in the legs.
  • Avoid over exposure to the sun or extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • If you practice skin brushing – using a dry brush on areas prone to cellulite to speed up lymphatic drainage – always brush the skin when its dry as wet skin is more sensitive.
  • Regular exercise or movement is recommended to increase the circulation in the legs.
  • Vitamin C helps your body build collagen – a protein that is the main connective tissue in muscle and skin. Less collagen means more sagging so thread veins could appear.
  • Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant which protects the skin and is also essential for protecting cell membranes. This strengthens the capillaries making thread veins less likely.
  • Vitamin K helps promote blood clotting to stop bleeding. Taking Vitamin K could prevent the tiny capillaries in your face or legs from dilating, causing the thread veins.

Typical Results of Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser Treatments

2-6 treatments are generally necessary to remove the Spider veins on the Leg. This will however depend on the size and severity of the vein. The results you will achieve from the Ellipse treatments are as follows:

  1. Removal of the Thread Vein
  2. Decreased size of thread vein

Post Treatment Advice

We would advise that the client should do the following for the next 30-60 days after the Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure or sun beds
  • Wear at least a sun protection of 30 or higher when outside. (SPF30 +)

The client should avoid the following for the next 24-48 hours after the treatment.

  • No perfumed products or make–up
  • No excessive heat e.g. saunas, steam rooms or hot baths
  • No swimming or gym
  • No touching, picking or scratching the area

How does the Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser treat Vascular Lesions/Thread Veins?

The light is attracted to the target chromophore oxy-haemoglobin in the blood. As the light is absorbed by the blood in the vessels, a heat reaction is caused which coagulates the blood and destroys protein in the wall of the vessel. The vessel then breaks down and the debris is removed by the body’s natural waste disposal system.

This heat destroys the protein in the wall of the thread vein. The vessel then breaks down and the debris is removed by the body’s natural waste disposal system. As a result, the veins will gradually, and safely, disappear after treatment.

Which skin types can be treated?

We can only treat clients of skin types 1-6. It is important that the client avoids sun exposure 30-60 days prior to treatment. Sun exposure can increase the risk of pain or burns from excessive light absorption in the epidermis. If the client has a sun tan it may be better to wait until the colour and redness reduces to achieve the best results. The Ellipse has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different skin types.

Does the Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser treatment hurt?

Ellipse leg vein treatment uses the latest in cooling techniques – SoftCool- to minimise discomfort and protect the surrounding skin. Most people find that treatment of smaller vessels is practically pain-free. Even treatment of larger vessels is only mildly uncomfortable. The results are worth it, Ellipse treatment hurts less than those from most other Nd:YAG systems.

What post treatment reactions can be seen after treatment for leg Veins?

As you shoot the vein it should flash or pulse blue within one second. Slight erythema is seen immediately after the treatment and this will disappear in 1-2 hours or in some cases a few days. A blurring of the vessel is often apparent after treatment, normally followed by a variable degree of oedema. The oedema may last up to 4 days and may appear puffy. These are all signs of inflammation and are an indication of successful treatment.

How long does an Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser treatment take?

The treatment time depends on the area to be covered and the number of distinct vessels to be treated. A single session typically lasts 10-20 minutes.

How many treatments are necessary to remove Leg Veins?

On average 2-4 treatments with 4-8 week intervals are needed for the best results. Top- up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain these results.

Do I need to take special precautions before treatment?

Avoid sun exposure in the four weeks up to treatment; avoid smoking in the four hours before the treatment starts (smoking causes the vessels to constrict, so there is less of the target available to treat).

What post treatment precautions may be needed?

Generally, no post-treatment care is needed. But people with sensitive skin may benefit from using a soothing cream for a few days after treatment. We recommend you limit sun exposure and use a sunscreen (SPF 60) for a few weeks following treatment. After treatment of thread veins on the legs, compression (surgical) stockings should be worn for two weeks. Aloe Vera will be applied after the treatment but, if there is excessive erythema, a cool compress can also be applied.

How many Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on the body site and the severity of the leg vein. On average 2-4 treatments with 4-8 week intervals are needed for the best results. Top-up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain these results.

How can I be sure Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser is safe and effective?

Clinical trials documenting Ellipse’s safety and effectiveness are carried out by leading doctors prior to the release of the product. The results of these tests are then published in respected, refereed medical journals. You are welcome to view these scientific papers on the Ellipse website at www.ellipse.org. The settings used for your treatment will be based on the settings recommended by the clinicians who carried out the clinical trials.

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